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What more do experts have to say about facial exercises?

Welcome back! We will be adding to previous points made on the benefits facial fitness can bring. We have advice from Dr. Umbert, who has also mentioned that it is important to “tailor the facial exercises” to each individual. We have to make sure you can tackle the ageing process appropriately. He said, “each face is unique, so it is essential to assess where our client ageing stage is and then recommend the right FaceToned® programme”

Dr. Umbert said “It is possible to improve the skin by exercising your facial muscles. When you do facial fitness, you increase the volume of the muscles and therefore the skin stretches gently. The skin appearance improves and becomes a very powerful anti-ageing skill. In order to see the best results on the skin, facial exercises need to use isotonic and isometric moments like FaceToned® does so to build and to tone the muscles well. It is the most effective and quick anti-ageing skill to learn and the results are visible in a very short period of time.”

What did I have to say about this?

I was very interested in his particular views of the effect of exercising on the skin. He confirmed, “Facial exercises do not create a single wrinkle as the 15 minutes or more cannot build a wrinkle. We need to be aware that wrinkles appear when our skin loses elasticity as we get older and then the constant folding of the skin becomes a wrinkle. The wrinkles come from expression movements as we talk and move our facial muscles.

Dr. Umbert agreed with me that facial fitness can be done as a prevention to ageing at any age or to improve our skin when we are older.

Monica Umbert from Beautyderm, gave me some tips on the best way to achieve a glowing skin on a daily basis:

  • Clean the skin during the morning and at night
  • Diet with plenty of antioxidants included
  • Keep the skin moisturised
  • Depending on the weather conditions and season of the year we need to have tailored treatments. In the summer use PDF protection and take nutritional supplements and in the winter, we should have facials.

Hope you enjoy it! Have a great FaceToned® workout!

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