Press What is facial Pilates? What is facial Pilates?

Many people take up Pilates to work out the muscles in their body, but the muscles in the face tend to be forgotten about.

That’s where facial Pilates comes in. Pilates teacher Carme Farre has created the FaceToned facial fitness programme, a beauty routine that tones the muscles to lift and rejuvenate your overall facial appearance and slow down the natural signs of ageing.

“By toning the facial muscles, we start to reduce fine lines and loose skin. The technique focuses on the four most common concerns: the neck, cheeks, eyes and forehead,” Carme said. “FaceToned is all about embracing ageing whilst exercising your face, in the same way we exercise to maintain a healthy, functional body.”

How is it different from other facial fitness techniques?

Carme took key Pilates principles and developed exercises to train the facial muscles. The system is designed to give structure to the face and tone up the ‘core’ muscles, leading to a more defined jawline, lessening of double chins, fuller cheeks, smoother ‘laughing lines’, and softer wrinkles in the forehead.

“I always loved working out and when I discovered facial exercises, it was a revelation for me,” noted Carme. “It made complete sense to me that exercising your facial muscles could lead to a more youthful appearance in the same way as when we exercise the muscles in the rest of our body… Exercise is one of the most powerful anti-ageing methods possible for the body, and the same is true for the face. By exercising our facial muscles, we can increase muscle tone and volume, thereby leading to a more youthful appearance.”

FaceToned members can access weekly webinars, tutorials, recipes, workouts and the six-week programme, based on five days of exercise per week, via the website or app.

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