The roller is mainly a lymphatic drainage massage effective to reduce inflammation, boost circulation and renew the fibers in our muscles. Rose Quartz Roller post FaceToned workout, used in combination with organic oil to perform the massage, helps you to achieve quicker results.

Overall your skin looks fresher, younger, glowing, and giving you an instant facelift
Improved skin elasticity and cell turnover
Tip: Can be placed in the fridge for a cooling treatment
Suitable for all skin

Two rotating heads
At FaceToned we care for the Earth, so our packaging is minimal: a FaceToned cotton bag that you can reuse to carry the roller

Crafted from 100% of only the highest grade, natural rose quartz crystals. In crystal healing, Rose Quartz is known as the ‘love stone’. Rose Quartz promotes a sense of warmth and compassion as well as unconditional love, peace, joy, warmth, and emotional healing. It’s also a powerful healing stone that can help to increase self-love, ease tension and ward off negative emotions. Therefore, your skin may benefit from all the positive healing properties looking better.


An ancient skincare secret that was favored by Chinese, Greek, and Egyptian civilizations thousands of years ago.