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‘Pa amb Tomaquet’ with Tuna

Bonito del Norte is premium Spanish tuna, line-caught and hand-packed by Spanish Fishermen of the Basque country and Cantabria.

Bonito tuna is an essential component of the Mediterranean diet. It is characterised by an exquisite flavour and softer texture than other tuna. The tuna belly is considered by many connoisseurs the most tender and delicious part.

The same as tuna, Bonito is a super food, a great source of lean protein, packed with B vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids which provide your skin with a natural moisturiser.



2 Servings


Preparation Time

10 minutes


Cook Time

20 minutes


Total Time

30 minutes


  • Rye bread with nuts and seeds
  •  Bonito del Norte or tuna in olive oil
  •  Tomato
  •  Olive oil


  • Traditionally in Catalunya, we use ripe tomatoes to make ‘pa amb tomaquet’.
  • These tomatoes are too soft and ripe to use for salads.It is very easy, you rub tomato halves into bread, the idea here is to soak the bread tops with the tomato juices.
  • Normally, you would drizzle the bread with a good olive oil to taste, then sprinkle with some sea salt. However, in this case I don’t recommended this as the Bonito tuna already has olive oil in it.
  • Buy ‘Bonito del Norte’ in extra virgin olive oil in a glass jar only. Then open it and take some to taste with the bread.

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