Natural BEAUTY

“It is possible to improve the skin by exercising your facial muscles. FaceToned® is a natural beauty method and does not create a single wrinkle as the workouts will not stress your skin. The reason wrinkles are formed is due to constant facial expressions”

Dr. Pablo Umbert, internationally renowned Dermatologist, ‘Chef de Clinique’ at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and founder of Instituto Dermatológico Dr. Pau Umbert in Clínica Corachan in Barcelona.

Signs of AGEING


Forehead: frown lines deepen, horizontal lines appear.


Eyes: upper and lower eyelids begin to sag and crow’s feet develop around the eyes.


Cheeks: lose their fullness so appear to deepen around lips.


Mouth: vertical lines begin to appear and deepen around lips.


Jawline: lose contours around the jaw and develop double chin.



FaceToned® doesn’t replace skin care; instead, it works in tandem with a good regimen.


FaceToned® enhances the results of a natural beauty good skincare. We need both to achieve a glowing skin.


Skin care provides moisture to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but creams do not improve your face’s underlying muscle structure.


The increase in the volume and tone of your muscles that occur with FaceToned® makes your skin look younger and fresher. It is a natural beauty method


You can smooth out the wrinkles above the muscles being worked.


FaceToned® suggests the use of organic serum and oil to complement the workouts.

Invasive TREATMENTS – Complement and alternative

FaceToned® can be perceived as an alternative and complement to invasive treatment like Botox, fillers or surgery. Regardless of whether you decide to opt for invasive treatment at some point, you have muscles on your face. Therefore, you can and should exercise them like you do with any other part of your body.

If you are looking for a quick result, which invasive treatments sometimes deliver, you will nevertheless still benefit from FaceToned® exercises for the underlying facial muscles.

In the long term, the organic and active workouts will help to improve the look of your face over time.


Plastic surgery: you can improve the outcome of your invasive treatment, such as a facelift. FaceToned® helps prepare and strengthen your muscles to improve the visual effects of the surgery.


Botox: while the Botox is active, you cannot exercise that area because it freezes those muscles. However, you can work out other muscles of the face which are not affected by Botox.


Fillers: facial muscles are not affected by fillers. FaceToned® provides benefit through the exercises of these muscles.


Laser and peelings: work on the superficial layer of the skin; therefore, working out the facial muscles can be done.