Key well-being benefits


FaceToned® is a healthy and eco-conscious method. Working out your face is a natural, organic, sustainable and eco-friendly. You use very few products.


FaceToned® cares about the environmental impact and helps you to take care of our planet as you do not have wastage when you work out your face. It is part of a healthy life style for anyone who wants to live well and cares for the environment and the natural world.


FaceToned® is a simple practice that can reduce stress and increase calmness for your mind. In many ways, it can be part of your relaxing time of the day as you are focusing on yourself. Many clients find the benefits similar to meditation.


As any workout, you stimulate the production of endorphins known as the 'happy' hormone, therefor you feel more relax and your sleep better. FaceToned® helps to reduce anxiety as you take control of your own identity, your face, by exercising your facial muscles.


Increases your energy levels, working as an anti-depressant, as you look at your face and you feel happier. Your face looks and feels younger.


Stretching the jaw is part of chin and neck exercises set and this helps to relax your jaw. You will feel the release on the neck and jaw after a few weeks.


As the muscles become toned, your superficial wrinkles will be reduced and future ones avoided.


You will become more aware of your personal facial expressions and potentially tone them down to avoid unnecessary over-folding of your skin. Consequently, you will avoid unnecessary wrinkles.


Rehabilitation technique to balance the face after a stroke or illness that may affect your facial muscles.

mind and body

FaceToned® provides wellness for mind and body