The Sussex Newspaper. Free daily live online Pilates to help everyone stay sane and healthy.

Pilates teacher and founder of FaceToned® ( Facial Fitness programme, Carme Farré, is offering free daily live online 30 minute full body Pilates in order to help everyone stay sane and healthy.

Carme says:
“It’s really important for me to do my part to ensure that everyone who is working from home, or who is self isolating, is looking after their general well being. I am Spanish, and have lots of family and friends in Spain who are currently in lockdown – therefore I am keen to keep everyone there, and in the UK, feeling happy and positive, through teaching some of my favourite Pilates and FaceToned® facial fitness movements.

“‘FaceToned® combines the precision of the Pilates technique with working out to the rhythm of the music. It delivers visible results in a just a short period, in a fun and easy way, and is an essential addition any natural, healthy and holistic beauty routine. Doing the FaceToned® exercises can also help you to relax and boost mindfulness, and is a simple practice which can reduce stress and increase calmness”

If you would like to join Carme’s Pilates and FaceToned® class..

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