Modern Beauty Routine


Modern Beauty Routine is the combination of right diet, exercises for your face and a good skin care programme.

Your can achieve your Timeless You: Feeling and looking the best you can at any age.

All my clients are pleasantly surprise when they do a FaceToned® workout. Often times, at the end of the first lesson they will say: “Incredible … I can feel my muscles, I can feel my face!”

As you look at your face, the first thing you see is your superficial skin with all the imperfections that time and weather have caused.

However, underneath the skin, between your face and neck, you have over 60 muscles that can be trained just like any other part of your body.

Skin care provides moisture to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but lotions do not improve your face's underlying muscle structure.

The musculature of your face does not change volume or tone by simple stretching, massaging or having a facial.

You must actively engage your muscles to achieve a natural facelift.

Why is the 1st Step to a youthful face the exercising of your facial muscles?


You know that exercising any part of your body keeps it healthy and is the best anti-ageing method


FaceToned® does exactly this for your face, toning your facial muscles so that they become more defined and increase gently in volume over time


Exercising your face is the only natural solution to avoid the sagging and loss of volume of the muscles, especially the jawline, jowls and neck


Your skin starts to smooth out the wrinkles above as the muscles you have worked out increase in volume and toning


Results are long lasting when you work out regularly