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FaceToned® is an online membership fitness website for the face.

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FaceToned® uses a different technique than other facial fitness programmes. This is the same as when you work out your body; there is yoga, Pilates, stretches, HIIT, etc. The most important is that FaceToned® delivers results in a short period of time.

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As a FaceToned® member, you have access to weekly webinars which can be in group or face-to-face formats with Carme. You need to sign up to the classes

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You can buy 3 different type of memberships

  • Connect – Monthly payment.
  • See results – Three-months payment upfront and then quarterly payments
  • Keep results – Yearly payment.

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FaceToned® is for everyone at any age. The Tutorials are well explained to enable you to understand the exercises well before you move to the workouts. Workouts are done to the rhythm of music, making training your facial muscles fun.

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The first part include 4 Tutorials and 4 Workouts, organised into sets. Each set includes exercises for the following areas: chin and neck, cheeks, eyes and forehead and advanced exercises.

  • Throughout the videos, the facial muscles are activated so the client feels them working out.
  • Finally, I teach a facial massage at the end of each Tutorial and Workout to oxygenate the tired muscles and to relax them.
  • Finally, I teach a facial massage at the end of each Tutorial and Workout to oxygenate the tired muscles and to relax them.

The second part is the weekly planner – which includes a wide range of Workouts organised into areas and lengths.

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You don’t need anything special once you are familiar with the workouts. You just need yourself and access to the web.

You can do it anywhere, any time, at any age. While you are learning the technique I recommend: a mirror so you can see yourself performing the exercises, serum or water to put on face before starting, and oil or lotion to put on your face at the end.

Additional tools are gloves to be used for advanced exercises and a jade stone which can be used for massage.

FaceToned™ Foundation Programme sets the basis for a fit face.

  • Time depends on the age of each client and how much time they want to spend.
  • Working out your face is like working out your body; each person has a certain goal and the key is to be consistent and regular. These will give you a quicker and longer lasting result.
  • While you are learning, I recommend you follow a daily workout routine as you try to learn the techniques and obtaining a habit.
  • It takes 6 weeks to achieve noticeable and lasting results and friends and family will start noticing a change after 8 weeks.
  • Once you have learned the techniques, I recommend at least a 15-minute workout every other day.

Your facial muscles, like the rest of your body, will lose some amount of tone and volume. However, having already toned your muscles, starting will be easier. Facial muscles have ‘memory’ and it is easier to get fit again.

FaceToned® is a life skill that everyone should learn early on so it becomes a natural beauty habit. In the same way we have learned in our childhood to introduce into our life other simple routines to care for our teeth, hair etc. we should do facial exercises in our youth.

  • In your 30’s – I started in my mid 30’s and I can tell that my face looked slightly fuller after 8 weeks.
  • In your 40’s– Your face will improve definition around the cheeks, jaw line and chin.
  • In your 50’s – A great age to start as the results are striking (see before and after photos of real existing clients in the Studio Carme). These clients’ faces increase in tone, volume, definition and glow. It is wonderful to see the evolution and improvement in their appearances as the weeks go by.
  • Over 60’s – Fantastic time to start, your face will be transformed. It is easier to see the changes and to obtain a natural face-lift.

FaceToned® works in tandem with a good skin routine and the right nutrition and lifestyle. We should work the muscles to improve the structure of our face, and then we can enhance the results by using other professional expertise like beauticians to improve the look of the skin.

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No, it does not. It does quite the opposite.

  • There are many reasons why we develop wrinkles, but one key reason is the constant over-folding of the skin from facial expressions. In FaceToned® classes, I help clients to become aware of their facial expressions and how to tone them down.
  • As we age, our skin loses collagen and therefore elasticity. We know that if we keep fit, the skin keeps closer to the muscle and the ageing process is less dramatic.
  • FaceToned® tones and gently increases muscle volume, this will gently stretch the skin to create a more youthful look.
  • Also, the self-massage after each workout helps to oxygenate and relax the muscles.
  • As you can see in the ‘Before and After’ photos, the skin of existing clients look more structured and more toned.

No, it cannot. Exercising your muscles will tone them, but having the right technique is essential, otherwise results will be minimised. We tend to overuse certain muscles and to never use other ones, that is why we see the signs of ageing. FaceToned® teaches you to balance the face and to work the right muscles.

I have had many men come to the studio as they have the same concerns as women do in terms of ageing. In fact, they are aware of the benefits of working out their body so extending it to the face is natural for many men.

Key Signs of Ageing and Well-being Benefits

FaceToned® can definitely help you to tone up this area. These muscles come from the cheeks, through the jaw until the neck. You need to do the Tutorial and Workout for neck & chin as well as cheeks.

FaceToned® can help you to tone up these muscles around the eyes and to lift them up. You need to do the Tutorial and Workout for eyes & forehead.

This is one of the signs of ageing and facial exercises tighten the muscles and therefore the skin. You will need to do Workout for ‘core’ and cheeks. By doing so, you will increase the volume in the cheeks as well as improve the skin.

  • First diet, this is the reason FaceToned™ recipes are a key part of the programme. We are what we eat and making sure we have certain foods to support the FaceToned™ fitness programme is essential to see the best results.
  • Secondly, facial fitness is important as well as body exercises.
  • Lastly, sleep and other lifestyle changes which help to reduce stress are important to our overall feeling and appearance of being healthy.

‘Timeless You’ is about looking the best you can look at any age and FaceToned® can help you to do so. Timeless ageing means to keep your identity, the face as you have it, but improved through regular workouts, and to age gracefully. Over time, your face will change, but FaceToned® will help your skin to become taut and to glow.

FaceToned® is a healthy and eco-conscious programme that is focus to reduce the environmental impact that we all are responsible of and helps us to take care of our planet.

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