Facial Gym vs Face Yoga

FaceToned® method

FaceToned® Method

FaceToned® is a natural and dynamic self-care method of face exercises based on Pilates technique to empower you to keep your face looking young and boosting your confidence. FaceToned® routines adapt to your daily beauty ritual and include specific programs and classes for anyone at any age.

FaceToned® is different to face yoga, as Pilates is to Yoga. It is not face yoga massages or stretches. FaceToned® goals are toning and strengthening the facial muscles to prevent sagging of the skin, improving joint mobility, and releasing tension in the jaw, neck, and shoulders to achieve results in a short time.


Designed to set the foundation to achieve a toned and fit face


Prevent sagging of your facial muscles


Achieve a natural and organic facelift


Technique uses Pilates principles by using:

  • Resistance training on your face
  • Isometric and isotonic WOs
  • Deep core WOs


The program can be done anywhere, anytime and by anyone at any age


FaceToned® NOT A Facial or a Massage, it is a WORK OUT!

  • NO lasers
  • NO chemicals
  • NO gimmicks

In FaceToned® includes the following aspects:

– Foundation Program to set a stong technique:


Six weeks program with 18 exercises


Includes exercises for chin & neck, cheeks, eyes & forehead, and advanced exercises


You start with 15 minute Tutorials to learn the technique, alternating areas of the face to start building up connections to strengthen in your muscles


You will then move to 10 minute workouts to train your muscles to the rhythm of the music which makes is fun


In week 4, we add advanced exercises to work deeper into the muscles

– Challenge Program based on the Foundation Program increasing the duration of the workouts

– Online Classes:


Schedule from Monday to Friday to complement the Foundation and Challenge programs


20 minutes of tutorials classes for clients who prefer a slower paste and starting with FaceToned


Once you are familiar with basic exercises, you move to 20 minutes dynamic workouts, accompanied by music


These classes include further exercises


Classes are LIVE or you can also access them in the app for 24 hours, so you never miss a workout

– Group Coaching Classes:


Direct coaching with Carme to perfect individual technique and to focus on specific facial areas


Helps to achieve better results in a more personalized way

– Skin Food:


Delicious recipes designed to help your skin glow from the inside

– Personalized weekly planner to chose days and times for exercises

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