Technique – PILATES as a base

FaceToned® technique

FaceToned® combines the precision of the Pilates technique with working out to the rhythm of the music.

FaceToned® delivers visible results in a short period, in a fun and easy way, through a natural, healthy and holistic beauty routine.

You just need yourself and a minimum of 10 minutes per day!

The Pilates method, originally called ‘Contrology’, was developed by Joseph Pilates in the beginning of the 20th century with 6 principles:


FaceToned® delivers results in a short period of time Why?

Because FaceToned® applies 4 of the Pilates principles:


The anatomic complexity of our face makes it essential to bring the focus to the 'core facial muscles' first. This builds up the structure of the face from inside out and delivers a strong 'core' to achieve definition of the face.


Full attention and commitment to the exercises helps you to obtain the maximum value of each movement. Therefore, you actively engage the specific layers of your facial muscles to ensure each muscle is targeted efficiently. This helps to achieve a balanced face.


Every exercise is done with complete control. The movements are conscious. These help you to gain control of your expression to tone them down and avoid unnecessary wrinkles. This control helps you to exercise using techniques which help to build up the volume and firmness of your facial muscles:

Isometric (building whilst not changing the length of your muscle).
Isotonic (concentrically shortening muscles, making them work and eccentrically generating force as muscles lengthen) repetitions to deliver quick results.
Stretching to increase the range of movement while working out.


Awareness is sustained throughout each movement. Exercises are precise to isolate the muscles you want to exercise. This precision delivers quick and visible results.


Dr. Pablo Umbert confirmed:

“FaceToned® is amazing as it uses isotonic and isometric movements to build and tone the muscles well. It is the most effective and quick anti-ageing skill to learn, and the results are visible in a very short period of time, and the same way as in Pilates does for the body.”

Dr. Pablo Umbert, internationally renowned Dermatologist, ‘Chef de Clinique’ at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and founder of Instituto Dermatológico Dr. Pau Umbert in Clínica Corachan in Barcelona.